• My Role: Complete business development. Complete UX and Information architecture of the entire app. All visuals, sounds, level designs and accompanied marketing and video media.
  • Platforms: iOS web

Avengees is a game I produced with my game company, Velvet Architects. This was my first game app to produce and I was able to learn all facets that go on with creating a gaming company and the full developement of a game. I learned not only production and development, technical feasability, but I also learned PR gorilla tactics, marketing, testing and economics.

About Avengees, It's a physics based shooting game and it's multiplayer! You can create your own world and battle friends who have built up their worlds.

Read on to learn about how Avengees came to life!

Avengees Game Play Video

Where it all started I wanted to create a game from the two games that I loved at the time. Angry Birds and Words With Friends. My Goal was to achieve a real multiplayer physics based shooter game. Any there was no better way than to begin with the trusted pencil and paper.

Let's get wiring! After doing more research and analysis on this project, I began to high-level wire out the game. Eventually it turned into a full Mega-view of the application. With a substantial view of the app, I then worked on wireframing various features. Then detailed wires of each section.

Queue in the storyline! This is a marketing video showing the story of the Avengees. How their universe's drama began. These 5 worlds reflect different high school stereotypes to relate to any type of player.

Here's where it gets interesting Off the bat, you will notice it's nothing like Angry Birds in that you see a multiplayer list to battle others. 'Story Mode' you can play single player and achieve more coins. Tapping your world, you can customize your own world and prepare it to battle others!

Notice the characters with badges? Also a key differentiator was defensive characters! You have heroes that can attack your opponents world in multiplayer mode. Also, you can launch heroes back to your world and put defensive barriers and blockers!

War of the teenie bopper stereotypes! Here is a sample of one of the storylines of the teams. Jockulus. I created all videos, sounds, animations and screens for the storyline of each world. 5 different worlds.

Multiplayer! and THOUSANDS of materials. Customize your world! You can place blocks of different materials, gizmos with different powers, and different villagers and toys to beef up your world. Different materials are stronger or weaker against certain heroes. I had to create EACH size of material and type. Then, I had to make them for each iphone resolution. It was pretty insane how much work went into the materials. Along with the developer, I also had to contantly tweak the velocity, friction and other elements of the materials.

Villagers and Toys! Toys, much like villagers, are what your team of Avengees are trying to protect. Toys are also the elements that tie into the storyline of what was supposedly taken.

Gizmos! Gizmos would have all sorts of cool defensive powers. A boxing glove that bounces up and down to block your opponents move. A blow dryer you can place on your world to blow away the opponent. Or an exploding perfume bottle that would fog up your world on the opponents turn!

See how you rank against the rest You can challenge friends or anyone in the world. This ties into gamecenter but originally tied into openfients gaming platform.

Where it is now... Avengees is still on the app store and available for download. Unfortunately, the multiplayer portion is not active due to paying for the server costs.