Avengees - Character Development

  • My Role: Complete business development. Complete UX and Information architecture of the entire app. All visuals, sounds, level designs and accompanied marketing and video media.
  • Platforms: iOS Web

Here you will find how I went about creating the Characters. How I built out their persona and 'high school clique' groups. And built a foundation before developing Avengees wireframes or game screens.

Strange yet Familiar When creating the characters and story of Avengees, I needed to focus on the audience I wanted to reach. I began to sketch characters that I thought were fun and quirky, yet can be gravitated towards by different personas.

The First Characters 'ees' I thought of having CEO's as a team but quickly retracted that idea since it could have legal issues. Plus, high schoolers or 18-35 probably couldn't fully relate to this team. Instead, I made the Beefcakes team who are the jocks and cheerleaders of the school... basically, the cool kids.

The Full Set of Teams and their worlds I needed to change the designs of the characters to quickly associate a color with the heroes power no matter which world you pick. The 5 major stereotypes we picked were the Beefcakes: from Jockulus. They were the cool guys. Femmes: from Rubion, who are the girly-girls of the Avengees universe. Stitch Mafia: from Zorm, who are the misunderstood hoodlums. Smartans: from Brainspin, who are the nerds. And lastly, Squiggoes: from Yahmon, who are the relaxed rasta island group.

They also had their respective villagers.

POWERS: and all the various states! Here is a breakdown of the powers of each hero. The green and blue characters are defensive characters and could be fired back at your world to protect it.

First Time Use screens: Help screens

Various parts of each power I had to breakdown each characters power, create UX docs of how they would work, and all the assets and parts of each power.