Chegg Search and Discovery

  • Date: 2/2017
  • My Role: UX lead and Visual
  • Platforms: Web

Goals A major opportunity for growth was to take our current flow of how students use our products from a Google search. How do we create an experience that is intuitive to know what they want to study at a given time?

Business Goals/Results Increase Conversion +3% / +7%
Decrease bounce rate 30% / 17% Decrease pogosticking




Gimme The Data Working with PM, I gathered information from our current search experience to identify the areas that needed it most. From here, I could formulate my hypothesis and know which area to target on our site. Our abandonment rate was high at 15% due to them finding solutions elsewhere. I found that students were 'pogosticking' from our site and back to their Google search. Now, if we could present the relevant info they need PLUS give them more tools to stay on our search, This would retain users from leaving our site to go to others.

Competitive Analysis and Early User Research I like to start projects by gathering as much data as possible. Creating a solid base for this project makes it so much easier to know what and where I need to design.

Test. And the Results After extensive user testing we launched the A/B test at 50%. It did very well and met our goals. We are currently getting the back end logic up to par.