Pull to Refresh + Micro Widgets

  • Date: 2015
  • My Role: Created the whole Visual + UX concept.
  • Platforms: iOS Web

This is a concept UX and Visual exploration i've done for an app i'm working on. I wanted to explore different ways to display a refresh of data without using a simple indeterminate loader.

A simple shipping app A project I began to design and produce is a simple shipping app that can track where your package is. The idea being, clean, easy to understand and use.

Micro-Widgets Another concept I had and am currently working on is simple iconic interactions. When users roll over a small icon they can get another hover state that would show more details of the icon but with pertinent, real-time data.

For example: if the user hovers over the small location icon, they would get a mini view map of the location. Upon clicking on the hovered state, it would expand to the full map application.